By Jason Kirklen

They say experience is the best teacher, or at least that’s what I’ve come to learn. Since that day almost a decade ago that I decided to pursue a career in commercial real estate, I’ve learned a lot that has led me to my newest venture — founding Kirklen Investment Group.

Steve Jobs encouraged Stanford graduates in his 2005 commencement speech by saying, “You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future.”

Now more than ever, Job’s wise words hit home. If you would have told me years ago, that I’d find a passion for commercial real estate, work for several firms, experience countless wins and some losses, and amidst a global pandemic start my own firm, I would have told you— no chance that happens.

But here I am, looking back, connecting each experience as if it was a strategically planned part of the grand plan. I am grateful for the stellar training and comradery I’ve experienced over the years from industry leaders, and also reflect upon the lessons learned — that transparency is of the utmost importance, that we need to be open to evolving our process and not get stuck in a routine, and most importantly, that people are most successful when they are surrounded by others who share the same values, have grit and are not afraid of hard work, valuing quality over quantity.

At Kirklen Investment Group, we are committed to excellence, constantly raising the bar to produce winning outcomes for our clients. Our name may be new, but our expertise and experience is world class. Through authenticity, transparency, trustworthiness and accountability, our team looks forward to forging relationships with groups and individuals to help them navigate the market with winning strategies for acquisitions, dispositions and 1031 exchanges so they can grow their wealth for generations to come.

While I’m focused on living in the present moment of new beginnings for KIG, I can’t wait to connect the dots several years down the road and look back at many of you who will be part of this incredible journey with us at Kirklen Investment Group.

Jason Kirklen is CEO at Kirklen Investment Group and has a decade of experience in multifamily investment sales, specializing in acquisition and disposition services, 1031 exchanges, and evaluation advisory.

Jason is committed to delivering the highest level of service for his clients. His passion is to build and maintain lasting relationships based on integrity and hard work that will go far beyond a single transaction.

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    I recently acquired an apartment building through Jason for the fifth time. He has been very helpful in increasing my cash flow by 400% from where it was when I first met him. He will always be someone that I use going forward.

    -Purchased Multiple Units in Santa Ana, Long Beach, and Anaheim

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