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1031 Exchange


A 1031 Exchange is an advantageous tax code for owners of real property (anything you pay property taxes on) that enables you to exchange or trade your current asset for another while not incurring capital gains tax. In short, you sell, pay no taxes and all of your proceeds are applied to your replacement property. All in all, it is a great way for owners to better their position.

1031 Exchange Q & A’s

How does a 1031 Exchange work?2020-09-26T12:26:10+00:00

Once you sell your down leg (what you currently own and sell), you place your funds with a 1031 Exchange Accommodator. The accommodator provides the necessary forms and ensures you meet the requirements to execute on your 1031 exchange in the necessary time frame.

I am interested in a 1031 Exchange, what are my next steps?2020-09-26T12:26:41+00:00

We are happy to help you get started with an exchange. To begin, we will help with your down leg and walk every step of the disposition process with you. We will market your building, generate offers, help you select an offer and facilitate the due diligence and escrow process. Meanwhile, we will also help identify new opportunities (your up leg), that meet your criteria. Once the sale of your down leg is complete, escrow will wire your proceeds to the accommodator of your choosing and you can use the funds to buy a new property – all while paying no taxes!

Could a 1031 Exchange benefit me?2020-09-26T12:26:59+00:00

While no two scenarios are alike, about 90% of the time an owner can improve their position by utilizing a 1031 Exchange. We recommend a no strings attached comprehensive valuation which will assess your current investment based on a variety of factors and from there we will come up with a winning action plan that you can execute upon if you choose.

Why do owners utilize the 1031 Exchange process?2020-09-26T12:27:40+00:00

There are a variety of reasons why clients exchange. The most common are:

  • More cashflow
  • Less management
  • Location improvement
  • City regulations
  • State regulations
  • Problem tenants
  • Building improvement
  • Building underperforming

If any of these are of interest to you, we would be happy to do a valuation of your current investment, free of charge.

What are the benefits of doing a 1031 Exchange?2020-09-26T12:28:32+00:00

There are amazing benefits of a 1031 Exchange:

  • Reset depreciation schedule
  • More appreciation
  • New loan schedule
  • Lower interest rates
  • Bigger building or more units
  • Better location
  • Newer buildings
  • Possibly less regulation
  • Less ownership role in day-to-day operations
  • Portfolio consolidation

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