When a client is interested in buying a building, it is very important to us to understand their preferences and the criteria they are looking to meet. There are several elements that we take into consideration:

  • Price – How much can you spend? Is the price right for you?

  • Timing – How long do you plan to own the asset? Is this a long-term hold or a short-term flip?

  • Building Preferences – Do you prefer a single story or is multiple stories OK? The goal is always as much parking as possible, but can it be surface parking or does it have to be garage parking? Is a flat roof out of the question? Would you consider a building with a pool?

These are just a few examples of the considerations that go into buying a building. All of these preferences are important to us, if they are important to you. As we forge new relationships and nurture existing ones, it is our goal is to partner with you so that we help you make the buys that provide you the biggest win.

Acquisition Q & A’s

If I want to buy a building, how do I get financing?2020-09-26T12:24:32+00:00

Financing of investment real estate is very common. In fact, over 70% of investment real estate has financing on it at the time of purchase. We have numerous lender referrals who can assist you in obtaining a new loan.

How long does the entire purchase process take?2020-09-26T12:25:08+00:00

The purchase process can take as little as 15 days and as much as 120 days depending on the transaction structure. Most commonly a transaction will take about 60 to 75 days.

I am not quite ready to buy, but I’d like to stay apprised of opportunities that might work for me. How can I receive new options?2020-09-26T12:25:33+00:00

We’d love to stay in touch and help you find the perfect investment. If you’d like to enter your email on our contact page, we will arrange a free consultation and provide you options as they meet your criteria.

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-Purchased Multiple Units in Santa Ana, Long Beach, and Anaheim

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